Fantastic Diy Room Decor Ideas For Teens Girls43
Fantastic Diy Room Decor Ideas For Teens Girls43

46 Fantastic Diy Room Decor Ideas For Teens Girls

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If your teen’s bedroom is cluttered and messy and they desperately need a make over, but you’re on a budget, here are some great decorating ideas that won’t break the bank. Updating their existing furniture, adding co-coordinating storage and decorating items in modern colours is the way to go. Follow the advice and tips below and you’ll be decorating every room, not just your teenager’s!

Colours –

  • Find out your teen’s three favourite colours.
  • Choose one primary and one secondary colour (white, chocolate or black are good choices), and an accent or highlight colour for accessories such as red, pink, silver or blue.
  • Some modern combinations are black, white and sliver, chocolate, white and pink, and white, chocolate and smokey pale blue.

TIP – When decorating, the basic rule to unifying a theme is to match an element of each piece together. The furniture should be the same colour and have matching handles on each piece to give a unified look even if the style of furniture is different.

Furniture – 
What existing furniture do you have in your teen’s room? If it’s still in good condition then it most likely can be updated. If not, most charity stores have good quality cheap furniture that just needs updating (wood is best as it’s easier to paint).

  • Paint all miss-matched furniture in the primary colour to unify the look.
  • Use semi-gloss paint and replace all furniture handles with metal or stainless steel ones for a modern contemporary look.

TIP – If some all of your furniture is made from laminate or a coated material, you will need to paint the furniture in a specialised primer first to make the new paint stick. Ask your local paint store attendant for advice on which primer is best. For wooden furniture that is already painted or varnished you will need to sand off any glossy finish first before you paint, or the new paint won’t stick properly. Use an electric sander to achieve the fastest results.

Wall Colour –

  • Paint all the walls white, except for one feature wall which you will paint a lighter shade of the accent colour.
  • If your furniture is white, paint all the walls to contrast the furniture.
  • Example, if your furniture is chocolate and your accent colour is smokey blue, then the wall colour should be two or three shades lighter than the actual accent colour.
  • Be sure to clean your walls and remove any wallpaper.
  • The feature wall should be the on opposite of the door if it has no window, or one of the walls to the left or right. It doesn’t really matter so long as it’s not the wall with the door or window.

TIP – Another really cool idea (although your budget may not allow) is to use wallpaper on the feature wall instead of paint. There are some amazing designs these days with high texture and 3D designs available online and in home decorating stores.

Art Work –

To complete the look you really need to add art to at least two of your walls. Framed prints or canvas art comes in a variety of styles and colours and custom made art is a great way to personalise the image, theme and colour. Choose colours that are similar to your accent colour or black and white for great contrast. For DIY Canvas Art under $10, see my article

The Bed-

  • The bed frame should be the same colour as the rest of the furniture, paint it if necessary.
  • The duvet/doona cover should be dominantly the accent colour.
  • Add some pillows and throws matching the primary and secondary colours.
  • Three large floor cushions stacked in the corner in two colours is great for your teen’s friends when they visit.

Storage –

Different sized decorative boxes with lids are an excellent and cheap way to store away your teen’s collectables. There are many available in durable cardboard and plastic.

  • Choose six to ten boxes in a colour similar to your accent colour, and two or three in the secondary colour for contrast.
  • Make sure you label each box with its contents by using some funky labelling stickers.
  • Store the boxes on the shelves and fill one or two boxes with your teen’s magazines and stack them in the corner alongside the large floor cushions for easy access.

Window furnishings –

Most teens like a dark room in the morning to wake up to, and adding a block out blind is the best way to achieve this.

  • Choose a shade similar to the wall colour, or the accent colour for great contrast.
  • An alternative is curtains which girls may prefer instead or of or as an addition.
  • Prints on curtains and blinds are great too; just remember to keep to the three rooms colours.

Floor rugs –

To keep to the budget, stylish floor rugs at great prices are easy to find in most department or home depot stores.

  • Try to find a couple of plain coloured circular shape carpet rugs in all three of your colours will really add a designer touch to the room.
  • Spread them out near the floor cushions to make the corner come together as a “hang out” area for when all the friends visit.


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