40 Relaxing Apartment Therapy Decor Ideas

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The Apartment Therapy blogs deal with all aspects of the home. The Apartment Therapy team scours the web, news, magazines and television for good ideas and resources. Their mission is to help people make their homes more organized and beautiful. They provide a font of resources and ideas online to help people use inspiration rather than space or money to make their homes better.

Apartment Therapy has five major websites. Information dealing with New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago apartments can be found at apartmenttherapy.com. You can take virtual tours of countless apartments in these cities and view a shopping guide to help you find the new home accessories you want. You can also read posts on anything from choosing the right colors to decorate you apartment to finding the best deals on bathroom towels.

The Nursery, at ohdedoh.com, has everything you could ever need to know about the home as it relates to babies and small children. The mission here is to unite unsightly children’s furniture with good design basics. This website helps with everything from choosing a name to decorating a nursery on a budget.

Thekitchn.com deals with everything that relates to the kitchen in your home. You can take virtual tours of some amazing kitchens and get tips from the kitchens you see. Thekitchn.com also features blogs related to cooking and wine. Recipes and a fantastic shopping guide are accessible on this site.

If you enjoy the home technology stuff, you will find everything you need at unplggd.com. The shopping guide gives information on the best deals and home services available. If you just can’t figure out how to hide all those cords to your computer, you can find it here. Articles include things like creating a charming computer station to how to stream music into your home.

For those green-minded folks, everything environment friendly is on re-nest.com. This website gives you advice on how to turn everyday things into green-friendly resources. You can read anything from tips on how to take shorter showers to how to make a herb garden. You can also take virtual tours of some fantastically green homes.


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